The Oracle SPARC S7 Server offers:

  • 10x hardware acceleration of data analytics, big data and machine learning delivers faster time-to-insight and off-load processor cores to run work loads
  • 7x better core efficiency than x86 servers systems which lowers costs for running Java applications and databases
  • Unmatched protection against data hacking & unauthorized access
  • Full-speed wide key encryption – allowing transactions to be secured by default
  • Hardware security in silicon
  • Platform support

Generally, Oracle hardware deploys Oracle’s middleware, database, and application software on X86-based systems. Recently Server Rental includes on Intel-based platform with the new “Sonoma” Sparc S7 processor Server for Rental.

Oracle has 5,000-strong customer base for its Exadata, Exalogic, and Exalytics engineered systems which are based on Xeon processors, and Oracle can expand its hardware business to SPARC also.

Customers can still deploy Oracle’s middleware, database, and application software on X86-based systems as oracle has Database Customers, Fusion Middleware customers, Application Customers, and over 75,000 companies.

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