Companies that have entry-level, mid-range, or high-end. IT needs frequently specify high-end tech products. Due to their reliability and resilient IT capabilities, top-of-the-line servers are commonly purchased second hand. If your company is considering saving money by buying refurbished hardware, below are five reasons why investing in the refurbished servers is a sensible idea:

Refurbished Models are Available

There are two types of refurbished (a.k.a. reconditioned) IT equipment-new equipment returned to the manufacturer due to minor issues or imperfections, and pre-owned equipment that has been renovated to perform and look like new. In both cases, the equipment cost is significantly less than the original equipment but offers the same dependability and performance as new equipment.

Used IT equipment is often thought of as offering questionable dependability and performance, but most reconditioned equipment’s reliability and performance is nothing if not superb.

You can Receive a Lifetime Parts Warranty.

A downside of pre-owned hardware is that it often comes with roughly thirty days a short-term parts warranty. However, some sellers offer an extended parts warranty, with some even offering a lifetime warranty on parts.

When used servers have a lifetime parts warranty, they can cost less to own than new hardware with a limited parts warranty, especially if you own them long-term.

Big Cost Savings Are Possible

Refurbished servers are routinely available at generous discounts, with a discount of thirty percent off the original price being common. If you need multiple servers, such a discount can save you thousands of dollars that you would not save by purchasing new ones.

You can Create a Needed Room in Your IT Budget.

Companies that need to expand their IT budget purchase second hand IT equipment. Since the start of the recession, many companies’ IT budgets have shrunk considerably, and cautionary spending is still the norm. Even so, companies still need IT equipment that provides optimal network support. For many companies, the need to purchase topnotch hardware affordably leads to purchasing reconditioned hardware.

If it seems that your company’s IT budget is not large enough to accommodate its hardware needs, buying the hardware in reconditioned form could be the answer.

Technical Support Programs are Available

Traditionally, purchasing pre-owned IT equipment does not receive free technical support from the seller, but some refurbished equipment sellers do provide technical support. If you do not staff IT technicians, receiving technical support can help reduce service calls.


Purchasing used servers can benefit your company in many ways. In addition to costing less than new ones, they can also come with a lifetime parts warranty and free technical support program-benefits that add to the savings you receive.

Although buying new hardware is preferable to purchase used hardware, refurbished servers’ value is difficult to ignore. Despite costing less than new hardware, reconditioned hardware can offer the same dependability and performance quality.