HPE MSA storages are entry-level storage solutions specially designed to support storage demands of VMware Vcenter by offering the maximum performance, expandability, availability, and simplified storage management required by SMBs with ever-expanding storage needs.

HPE MSA Storage system overview:

HPE MSA Storage system is a versatile entry-level SAN solution for VMware vSphere hosting clusters. All MSA storages have a standard set of characters and features. They provide the following advantages for VMware Vcenter.

• MSA storages offer high I/O throughput for achieving high virtualization demands of migration and cloning in several virtual machines.

• HPE MSA storages have storage scale-out choices at affordable cost

These storages have Virtualized disk technology for offering uninterrupted expandability to virtualization.

These storages incorporate with VMware vSphere Storage APIs like VAAI, VASA, and SRM.

It also has simplified and easy storage administration and management with web-based storage management features.

Huge VMFS datastores supported by HPE MSA Storages.

Provides storage redundancy is a compact platform.

Distributed Resource Scheduler

VMware vCenter Datastore Clusters offer an attribute known as Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler along with I/O load stabilizing. The purpose of this attribute is to support and dispense VM storage requirements over conventional substantial disk-based LUNs.

The MSA Storage Array controller and virtual volumes offer the advantages of Distributed Resource Scheduler and I/O balancing actively. So there is no need for the VMware’s Distributed Resource Scheduler and I/O balancing with virtual volumes when all the host systems in the datastore cluster divide the same MSA volume mappings.

Multipath and Datastore Clusters

The storage cluster offers a precise method of multipath configuration management virtual for the volumes in the datastore cluster. The latest and advanced version of vCenter allows the user to make multipath setup and configuration of PSP for any of the ESX hosts and any of the cluster volumes from the grouping view.

HPE MSA Storage and Site Recovery Manager

It is expensive to maintain business –vital information, so all SMBs avoid replicating the application server for disaster recovery.

HPE MSA Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) and VMware’s Site Recovery Manager offers affordable data recovery solutions by supporting failover between vSphere environments and virtual machine instances.

A standard SRM configuration includes two locations, such as a secured DR site and the recovery site connected with TCP/IP connectivity. These two sites contain HPE MSA Storage Array, vSphere hosts like VMware vCenter Server, and an SRM server for data replication.

VMware’s Storage Recovery Manager (SRM), along with HPE MSA SRA provides a simplified and automated disaster recovery environment. The HPE MSA SRA assists VMware’s SRM to fulfill user’s DR predictions by reducing recovery time, minimizing the costs of conventional business maintenance plans, and attaining low-risk, expected results for virtual recovery circumstances.

The HPE MSA Storage Array is affordable storage and attractive entry-level storage for any business. It can expand to meet the growing business needs of an ever-changing virtualized server environment. The HPE MSA’s Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and SAS array choices with Multipath policies make the HPE MSA Storage Array ideal for supporting development environments to production vSphere solution.