How To select The perfect Server To Host Database

Databases are key components of many mobile applications, web applications, and services. There are many different types of databases like SQL and No SQL databases. All of these databases need a hosting server, which determines the reliability, availability, and performance of the Database. Selecting a perfect database server is a daunting task. We here give you some tips regarding the choice and selection of the perfect database server. Server hardware that is used to host a database is so important and has an impact on the performance and scalability of the database and the application it uses.

Server hardware factors for best database performance:


Processor performance affects database performance.T he Processor core speed and the number of cores determines the database performance. Choose the processor according to the required performance characteristics of the database used,  the number of users uses the database concurrently, the types of queries to carry out or whether your database needs benefits of multiple cores.


Database server performance also affected by the memory of the server. The database can run as fast as possible without swapping and paging if it can read the data needed for a query from memory. So choosing the suitable memory to keep the database’s indexes in RAM.


NVMe drives, SSD drives, and SATA drives are the three types of database storages in order of fastest to slowest and higher to lower cost.

Database performance affected by Storage in two important ways such as the amount of data that can be stored and query speed. While selecting a storage, it should balance costs and requirements. For that, first, understand how the database is to be used. Database with high-IO requirements will benefit from faster drives.


100% uptime network with connection speeds of 1Gbps up to 10Gbps is required for the best performance large databases with multiple concurrent users.

Server Types for hosting Database

There are different types of server available for hosting databases, with different scalability characteristics and performance.

High-performance virtual private server or Hybrid Servers

A  high-performance virtual private server or a hybrid Server is a  physical server which can hosts a few virtual servers and minimizing the resource contention issues. Smaller databases with less intensive IO requirements can make use of Hybrid servers. They are not perfect for databases that are expected to grow rapidly because they cannot be scaled without a server migration.

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers offer supreme scalability and reliability. For databases expected to grow rapidly or have many different utilization patterns, cloud servers are the best choice, as cloud servers can be scaled on demand.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are the best for database performance in all sever types. At ServeRental, we offer dedicated servers in a wide range of configurations in all leading brands including Dell EMC serversHP ProliantIBM LenovoSun /Oracle on rental with flexible duration and on sale at affordable cost.

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