Find Right Fit for Your Workloads in SMB (Small Medium Business) sector

Generally, x86 based Server virtualization make workloads easier but is not required for SMB.

To run the workloads on bare metal running multiple instances of software deployed with application-specific features, high availability and integrating backup options, you need management tools for cost and need time for scripting.

Here is some industry accept fact are applied to the wrong situations.

FACT: Exchange shouldn’t be virtualized

You can virtualize an exchange server because they get high availability without having to buy, manage and maintain a second copy of Exchange. Repeat for any number of workloads.

FACT:  Run all the workloads on bare metal high availability and integrating an array of backup options

Virtualization of workloads inside a virtual hard drive can easily manage high availability with backup, migration and tools.

FACT:  Virtual infrastructure should be effective to the need for several layers of management.

A decent hypervisor, hyper-convergence and software to back up few hundred VMs off to the cloud can provide a remarkably robust and highly available infrastructure.

FACT: Need a formal patching for Snapshot

A quick snapshot before patching gives you the chance to roll back if things under risk. Convert small VMs into templates and combine infinite clones which allows to install wizards to manage a fleet of servers. Only the barest automation is used, and very little scripting is required.

FACT: Desired state workload management to handle different workloads

Tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible and Saltstack for hypervisor vs. bare metal to deploy workloads in an automated fashion under which a workload runs are a choice rather than a necessity. Sysadmins in an SMB has no requirement to wrangle workloads

Doing proper needs assessment to understand management tools, and work priorities on how to spend limited budgets.

  • Determining what to run on bare metal,
  • What to virtualize and
  • What to run from within a container. Iterate through a checklist or a series of if-then statements
  • Drive conclusion about where, how, and for how long.

Consider Some server tools are to make containers, private clouds and public cloud migrations easy to use.

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