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Dell EMC ’s new 14th generation PowerEdge servers offer intelligent automation and scalable business architecture with  Quick Sync 2 management support and iDRAC9.Dell expands the 14th generation of the Dell EMC PowerEdge server portfolio with The PowerEdge R6415, PowerEdge R7415 and PowerEdge R7425  with new capabilities to perform the demanding workload needs of today’s demanding data centre. These three servers provide extremely scalable server platforms and have AMD EPYC processor within low TCO.

Businesses and customers begin to use and adopt emerging technologies like IoT, AI for face and ride over the digitization of this new Era. In order to manage mammoth workloads by adopting these emerging technologies, they need better and latest storage infrastructure systems.

AMD EPYCTM processors with up to 8 memory channels, 32 cores in 64 threads, and 128 PCIe lanes provides performance, flexibility and security features for current software defined environments. The combination of AMD EPYCTM processors and PowerEdge server technology deliver high compute capabilities to perform demanding workloads easily.

The PowerEdge R6415, PowerEdge R7415 and PowerEdge R7425 have adoption and advancing the development of technologies such as FPGAs, NVMe, and in-memory databases to scale-up along with the increase in customers’ workloads with the flexibility to support the modern data centre.

Like other latest Dell EMC PowerEdge servers protects customers’ data and businesses with integrated cyber resilient architecture security features. These latest servers have the memory up to  4TB memory which is perfect for flexible analytics workloads and database management system (DBMS).

Dell EMC PowerEdge R6415: 

This highly configurable server is ideal for edge computing deployments with up to 32 cores for scale-out and ultra-dense computing capabilities within 1U single-socket platform. Storage is flexible with 10 PCIe NVMe drives

Dell EMC PowerEdge R7415:

This is the first AMD EPYCTM processor server certified as a VMware vSAN Ready Node and for vSAN deployments, it offers up to 20% more TCO per four-node cluster at the edge1 making it as the ideal server for Software-defined storage deployments. It is the 2U single-socket server with 28 PCIe lanes suitable to provide accelerated east/west bandwidth for virtualization and cloud computing.

Users can scale and improve storage efficiency with up to 2TB memory capacity and up to 24 NVMe drives, at low cost when compared to traditional-built storage.

Dell EMC PowerEdge R7425 :

This high-performance computing server offers up to 24% increased performance for hypervisors, containers, Virtual Machins and  Cloud computing  2 and up to 25%  performance improvements for HPC workloads like computational fluid dynamics (CFD)3 when compared to HPE DL385. This dual socket server with AMD EPYCTM processor has up to 64 cores to offer high bandwidth with dense FPGA/ GPU capability. This server has outstanding core density and memory bandwidth so it provided excellent results across a wide range of HPC workloads in many standard benchmarks tests.

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