Dell Servers Rental

DellPowerEdge 2U Servers with 2CPU suited for deploying a new business application or virtualizing your servers for VMware and HyperV deployments. Dell PowerEdge 2U Servers with 4CPU supports for large virtual environments and databases. To run demanding Oracle or SQL databases as well as CPU intensive high-performance applications

Dell Power Edge R940 Server

The Dell Power Edge R940 transforms data center with modern applications for real-time analytics and data.It is powered by up to four Intel Xeon SP processors in 3U rack space and supports Up to 24 x 2.5” drives, Up to 12 NVMe

Dell Power Edge R930 Server

Fully customizable PowerEdge R930 server. We customize PowerEdge R930 server to match your budgetary needs and performance requirements. We don’t do ‘one size fits all.

Dell Power Edge R920 Server

In the PowerEdge line of servers the top-end PowerEdge R920, powered by Intel’s brand-new E7 v2 processors. With 96 DIMM slots allowing for 6TB of RAM, and 24 internal storage drives, Dell to make the R920 a tool for businesses experiencing high-speed data growth.

Dell Power Edge R910 Server

The Dell PowerEdge R910 rack mount RISC based server capable of accommodating four of Intel’s latest Nehalem EX Intel’s Xeon 7500 series processors. The Westmere-EX processor can provide up to 38% improvement in Oracle application server and database performance

Dell Power Edge R830 Server

Dell’s 13G PowerEdge R830 servers for intensive compute applications. The 2U server has four Intel Xeon E5-4600 v4 processors with each processor up to 22 cores (44 threads) per socket. Each 16 internal storage bays 2.5-inch SATA,

Dell Power Edge R820 Server

Dell PowerEdge R820 server has a 2U form factor, four processor sockets, and uses Intel Xeon E5-4600 series processors. It has 48 memory slots (768GB total RAM with 16GB DIMMs),

Dell Power Edge R810 Server

Dell’s 11G PowerEdge R810 A sturdily built and highly scalable 2U server. R810 is a 2U product capable of accommodating four processors from the Xeon 6500 or 7500 families, both of which include four-, six- and eight-core implementations of the Nehalem EX technology.

Dell Power Edge R740XD Server

The PowerEdge R740xd is the 2U two-socket server offers the right mix of performance and storage scalability powered by 2 Intel® Xeon® SP processors with 28cores per processors.