Buying Refurbished Servers

IT pros want to keep the IT costs down while improving the business. Refurbished servers hardware is the best solution to cut down cost without compromising the performance.

What Is A Refurbished Server?

The term refurbished refers previously used and once sold severs that has been renovated or reconditioned like a new one. The refurbished servers are the servers once sold and returned to the manufacturer or vendor for many reasons. They undergo severe testing, cleaning, upgrading and reconditioning before resold as a refurbished server.

Benefits of buying refurbished servers?

  1. Environmental Friendly:

Using the refurbished servers reduces the accumulation of electronic waste on the land, rivers and oceans and thus reduces pollution. When we reuse the servers it helps in saving natural raw materials for our future generation.

  1. High-Performance Servers at the Lowest Cost:

The main reason for buying a refurbished server is cost-cutting. We can save up to 70 -80 % of the cost while buying refurbished server hardware. If they are in good condition with preferable lifespan, then they are the most valuable than the new one.

  1. Great Performance:

Many data center incorporate companies have service agreements with the OEM. They update their servers according to the OEM guidance. They use the severs based on OEM’s EOL EOSL dates. They usually use a server for a few years, but those servers have more than 5 years of productive life. When any third party service provider refurbishes those servers and sell in the IT market, we can get that high performance and reliable solution perform like the brand new server. These second-hand servers have to be configured with right drives, memory and processors for ideal performance. These optimized servers configured for the particular task often out-perform the brand new servers for a particular job.

  1. Reliability

The refurbished servers have undergone repairing, upgrading and rigorous testing before being sold as a refurbished server. Carefully tested and fully functional refurbished servers with extended warranty provide reliability for their internal components. If they added any OEM spares to the refurbished server, then that part has 1year OEM warranty. So buying a refurbished server is reliable and best for data centers.

  1. Greater Maintenance:

Refurbished servers are the predecessors of the new servers in a few generations. So the spare parts are available in the market. Some sellers and maintenance service providers of refurbished servers have a huge stock of these parts. So it is easy to get the OEM spares at a reasonable cost. Server maintenance plan from a third-party maintenance provider is best for maintaining this refurbished hardware at a minimal cost. So partner with a reputed refurbished server vendor to get the best-refurbished server for your business with all the benefits.

The refurbished server provides the best performance in a low budget. Refurbished server rental is the best practice to reduce the IT Infrastructure cost of a company. Get advanced technology at an affordable price in renovated server rental.