How to bring down the cost of storage, networking, and x86 servers?

Innovate your 6-10 years old server reuse to build hyper converged platform. The different three-layers such as servers, storage, network to two-layers consists of server and storage in existing IT infrastructure.

With 3rd gen network solution in an appliance, hyperconverged solution with aged server is an alternative for classic data center, which benefits: Software-defined storage: Software-defined storage is efficient than native hardware storage, and it reduces the number of hardware storage units you need to maintain and replace.

Data protection and higher availability: As a virtual computing platform, hyperconvergence gives you continued access to your data in the event of a malfunction or disaster, and it provides the necessary redundancies for data protection, backup, and recovery.

Faster provisioning: When customers need on-demand upgrades, you can reduce your deployment and implementation time without affecting operations. That means shorter lead time, and you can channel your employee to focus on initiatives that drive revenue.

Server virtualization: Decoupling of physical and logical resource sizing enables workload consolidation onto fewer systems. IT operations: Private-sector organizations are supporting cloud services for their new applications as Cloud-first option. But the cloud isn’t the cheapest option especially, • For static, predictable workloads. • For such kind of workloads it need a lot of storage. • For those has less requirements for backup, archiving and data sharing Hence, the need for a more efficient and scalable architecture with old servers for internal data centers.