Sun Fire V480 Server on Rental, Upgrade or Repair

The Sun Fire™ V480 server is designed to deliver compute density and enterpriseclass RAS features at an affordable price.

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Sun Fire V480 Servers on Rentals

Its space-efficient, rack-optimized 5RU, 24-inch-depth enclosure provides excellent value per rack unit and contains up to four 1.05/1.2-GHz UltraSPARC® III Cu processors, each with 8 MB e-cache (L2), up to 32 GB of memory, integrated dual 10/100/1000-Mb/sec. Ethernet, and the Sun Fireplane Interconnect operating at 9.6 GB/sec. The Sun Fire V480 server features N+1 power supplies with separate power cords, so a fully configured system can run on one power supply; the second power supply is for redundancy purposes. In addition, hot-plug disks and hot-swap power supplies enable online maintenance and repair to further enhance system availability. Outstanding scalability, performance, and enterprise class RAS features make the Sun Fire V480 server an excellent Web, e-commerce, or EDA server. Remote System Control (RSC) reduces overall system management costs by providing monitoring and control from remote locations via Ethernet, serial, and modem connections.

Sun Fire V480 Server Specifications:

Processor Options

Processor 1.05/1.2-GHz UltraSPARC® III Cu

Architecture Superscalar SPARC 9 Processor modules

One or two dual-processor/memory modules Cache (on chip) 64-KB data and 32-KB instruction Secondary (L2) 8-MB external


A system maximum of 32 GB when configured with four processors


Two 10/100/1000-Mb/sec. Ethernet I/O FC-AL disk controller, two USB ports Serial RJ45 serial port

Expansion capability Six PCI slots compliant with PCI specification Revision 2.1: two at 66 MHz, 64 bits wide, 3.3 volts; four at 33 MHz, 64 bits wide, 5 volts


Host adapters Internal IDE to support the internal DVD Internal disk

Two 3.5-in. X 1.0-in. 10,000 RPM FC-AL disks, 73-GB

PCI I/O options

Gigabit Ethernet, 10/100-Mb/sec. Ethernet,

FC-AL, Quad Fast Ethernet, token ring, FDDI, ATM-155, ATM-622,

High-speed serial, Ultra™ SCSI with 10/100-Mb/sec. Ethernet,

Dual-channel single-ended Ultra SCSI, dual-channel differential Ultra SCSI

Power Supplies

POWER SUPPLIES One required, two for redundancy, each with independent power cord Maximum AC input 1440 W per power supply Maximum DC output 1184 W per power supply