All costs are important. But unseen or hidden costs may be even more important. Because they can hide significant amount shortage can become a big problem later. Hidden costs can be outdated server infrastructure costs. With the fast pace with which the technology advances, a company that wants to remain competitive in the market must not leave the infrastructure of the servers outdated.

Hidden costs of an outdated server infrastructure:
By examining the issue of server infrastructure that is strictly out of date from a financial point of view, the cost of any hardware over 5 years old may be totally depreciated, so its costs are limited to the costs of its operation, Expenses).

However, often this operating cost (OPEX) can outweigh the capital expenditure involved in upgrading the server infrastructure. The study says that the many advances in hardware and component architecture over the last few years have provided incredible performance gains, consolidations, management efficiency and reliability.

If compared to companies with upgraded server infrastructure, companies with outdated hardware can:

• Losing up to 39% of peak operational performance
• Cost up to 40% higher in application administration
• Increase server administration costs by up to 148%
• Have unplanned downtime growth in 62%

These heavy hidden costs can also become costs with missed opportunities. For example, companies that could have their IT team working on innovations to generate new revenue and improve competitiveness rather than having to run an outdated server infrastructure. Or, if we consider businesses that need to respond very quickly to market trends, developing or deploying new applications faster. These actions will only be possible with an upgraded server infrastructure.

Six ways that upgraded server infrastructure can benefit businesses:

1 Performance: 18x performance in same rack space
2 IOPS: 10x IOPS number with flash storage
3 Consolidation: 16x reduction of space, reduction with energy and cooling costs, reduction in time spent by the IT team.
4 Management: 92% less time spent doing software updates through simplified life cycle management tools compared to these manually done activities
5 Reliability: Higher uptime through better architecture, engineering and manufacturing, coupled with proactive alerts with remote diagnostics and maintainability not previously available
6 Services: Reduced maintenance costs and spares.

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