Why should customers migrate to Windows Server 2019?

What’s included from previous version Windows Server 2016?

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux that run the same Linux scripts and utilities from a Windows server
  • Windows Server 2019 has a small ServerCore image that cuts VM overhead by 50-80%.
  • More support for Kubernetes container orchestration
  • Hyper-V isolation for Linux containers.
  • Others key Server 2016 features, such as support for Shielded VMs with limited admin access for Linux VMs

What’s new?

  • Hyper Convergence Infrastructure feature called Cluster Sets that allows you to build a cluster of clusters, resulting in large hyper-converged clusters
  • Increased resiliency to hardware failure and diagnosability,
  • Health monitoring and performance within and across hyper-converged nodes management
  • Persistent memory support
  • SDN Encryption allows you to encrypt subnet traffic, which is very useful in multi-tenant environments with multiple virtual networks

Purchasing new server hardware and running the latest version of the operating system will provide to gain many benefits from the advanced technology.

Project Honolulu

Project Honolulu has a web-based interface for the GUI-less Server Core and Nano Server to use apart from PowerShell.

Generally, cluster sets will appeal to the largest enterprise datacenter. The Project Honolulu, the Windows Server 2019’s new remote server management application will bring the benefits of HCI to much smaller setups also.

  • Easy to manage a single cluster, manages Windows and Windows Server instances running on physical or virtual machines on any hypervisor or cloud, and covers everything from certificates to Windows Update
  • Provision to manage hyperconverged clusters, down to the real-time CPU, memory, new usage, and storage IOPS across the cluster and on individual VMs and volumes.
  • For Hybrid Clouds environment, able to authenticate directly against Azure Active directory from Windows Server 2019 to Azure Site Recovery, Backup, and File Sync directly.
  •  For Azure Cloud Setup, able to integrate with Update Management for Operations Management Suite can also monitor systems running on different clouds.
  • Add as client for the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection cloud service to monitor servers for behaviour that indicates a hacker has broken in, and Exploit Guard controls for locking down devices against lateral movement, ransomware, data exfiltration, and vulnerability exploits.
  •  For Datacenter workloads, Windows Server “Semi Annual Channel” version of Windows Server 2016 is a good option. The traditional workloads and do Windows Server upgrades on physical server, Windows Server 2019 is good to try.

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