The news of DDR5 release creates interest and curiosity among professionals and It experts—most of the people asking questions about it and specifications about DDR5.

Here we gather some information regarding the latest RAM offering. We answered some frequently asked questions about DDR5 in this Article.

What is the release date of DDR5 RAM?

JEDEC declared in March 2017 DDR5 under development and would come into the market in 2018. But finally, SK Hynix announced that DDR5 available to consumers in 2020.

  • They also stated that the DDR5 official release was by the end of 2019. All are expecting the Enterprise-grade first. Then after that, we can get consumer-grade DDR5 around 2021. Intel’s and AMD’s latest-gen CPU chips based on DDR4.
  • The first ones that hit the market will likely aim at the Enterprise applications. Then we will start seeing consumer-grade DDR5 being available around late 2021.  It is because both Intel’s and AMD’s next-generation consumer chips reserved for later this year will base on DDR4.

The latest CPUs from AMD slated to release in July and the release of DDR5 will become beneficial for that to fulfill the high need for higher memory bandwidth.

Nowadays the new-gen CPUs have more cores, and the DDR5 made it to keep up with the GB/s per core bandwidth demands.

Is it worth purchasing DDR5 RAM?

Generally, everyone wants to know the price of the DDR5 RAM when they released in the market. There is also a belief that current DDR4 chips will ultimately migrate to DDR5. But then nobody knows the worth of the upgrade.

  • During the release of DDR4, the fastest DDR3 chips also offered the 2,133 MT/s like the new DDR4, and eventually the DDR3 with the lower latency, and restricted timings performed well than DDR4.
  • We have wait till 2012 to see the performance enhancements this latest rapid memory module can bring.
  • We can assume that the first DDR5 release won’t offer excellent performance as the currently fastest and high-performance DDR4. But we can assure the DDR5 will improve gradually and can provide extreme memory performance.

Initially, the cost of DDR5 memory is expensive to purchase. So don’t hurry to  DDR5. After developing a clear benefit, it is perfect to upgrade  DDR5 memory.

What is the difference between DDR5 and DDR4?


Manufacturers assure that some noted specifications for DDR5 and tell that these advanced RAM modules double the performance of DDR4-3200 RAM.

  • The DDR5 design assures that it has 2X speed and density of the current 1st gen DDR4-3200 RAM modules if the maximum capacity of DDR4 at  16GB per module and the DDR5 have 32GB capacity per modules.
  • We expect DDR5 to reach 6400Mhz  in consumer options ad, so it is the ideal RAM module for AMD APU’s & CPU’s which required higher speed memory.

The table below shows the comparison of specs between DDR4 and DDR5.

RAM Module DDR5 DDR4
Speed ( frequency) 3200-8400Mbps 1600-3200Mbps
Capacity 8Gb, 16Gb, 24Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb
On die ECC Available Not available
No of available Banks 32banks 16banks
VDD/VDDQ 1.1V 1.2V
VPP 1.8V 2.5V
BL 16 8
DFE Available Not available
Same bank refresh Available Not available

DDR5 provides a rise in data rates, reduced power usage, and high capacity per module with double the burst length than DDR4.

DDR5 has enhanced command bus efficiency, high bank groups, and Same bank refresh schemes with two separate 40-bit channels per mode.

These are the knowledge we have now on DDR5. It’s appealing to experience the real enhancements from improvements that come from enabling this advanced rapid memory into the server, desktop, workstation, or laptop.