Hyper Converged Infrastructure can free up resources, allowing IT to focus on value-add opportunities.

  1. Rather than using many different servers, hypervisors and storage, a hyperconverged solution merges these functions, reducing complexity for your business.
  2. By pooling compute and storage into one shared virtual structure, these resources can be managed through a single interface, dramatically reducing time spent on managing infrastructure.
  3. Combining compute, storage and virtualization into one appliance can save both power and space.
  4. Easier deployment, lower management costs, a smaller footprint and no more silos all contribute to a lower total cost of ownership and faster time to value.
  5. Choosing right hardware and software for hyperconverged solution can provide the agility and cost savings of a public cloud with the security and control of an on-premises data centre.

Why you and ServerRental make a winning team?

ServeRental Infrastructure solution team design for easy deployment and manageability.

Converged hardware appliances ship fully integrated, tested, and configured. Hyper converged software distributes all operating functions across the cluster for superior performance and resilience, giving you reduced power and space, simpler storage and built-in virtualization.

It converges the entire datacenter stack – including compute, storage, storage networking and virtualization – into a single, Scalable Intel Xeon based system.

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Serverental is an IT infrastructure Rental solution and IT support company based in the city of Bangalore in India. We offer best price, services to your business needs.

Whether your company is small or large enterprise, we are an independent business offering unique and specialized expertise in IT infrastructure design and support. Network design, security and support, 24 x 7data centre monitoring services, which will protect your business from any citrical business provision or service break down.

Our state of art on technical support, ticketing system is available 24 X 7 to track the progress and responses. Ask us about the cloud transformation service. We are of ISO 20001 standard compliance agreements of whole of our IT services. Ask us our certified engineers can help you with managing your entire server assets on premises on little cost.

We are IT hardware and software from more than 50 Vendors covering the wide range of technology. We have the choice of product availability allowing us to latest technology market to get the quotation from us for the next IT hardware or software procurements.

We also offer professional services such as VMware Implementation services, DBA support services, Microsoft AD services and maintenance enables safer and quick support for the user. Our expert engineers are available any time to service any size of business across India.

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