Many businesses are looking for ways to save money during the current economic downturn. Server rentals and the savings they offer in a company’s IT budget, are one of the options they are considering.

There are clear signs that the economic malaise has hit the IT industry. The Consumer Electronics Show, held in January , had a 10% drop in exhibitors. Companies that were appearing often did so with fewer staff. Like Cisco, some opted to bypass the trade show floor and just rent meeting space to connect with customers. Sanyo also opted not to exhibit there. Adobe and Belkin dropped out of Macworld, and Apple is making its last appearance there this year.

Electronics companies are responding to the lack of spending power in their client base. But business is business, and companies must still sell their products and services. The question is: how to keep things running smoothly when there is far less money in the budget?

Smart business owners know that they need to maintain a strong presence in their customers’ minds during tough economic times. Instead of cutting out their marketing initiatives altogether, they need to rethink how they’ll implement their marketing plan. Instead of avoiding an IT purchase that can help them, they need to find affordable solutions. Server rentals firms can fill the void and help companies conduct their marketing and manage their IT departments for less.

With Server rentals, companies can still afford to attend trade shows. They can create an excellent display for less, using rented Server, workstations, laptops, or computers, and even interactive kiosks. With rentals, they can also eliminate the costs and hassles of transporting equipment themselves.

Rentals also allow companies to delay the cost of purchasing certain kinds of equipment. They may need a large video display for an important client meeting, but they can rent it instead of buying.

Many Server rentals firms sell used equipment, and an increasing number of businesses are looking to the secondary market to buy the equipment they need for less. From laptops to desktops to servers and displays, the used equipment market is incredibly valuable today.

Leasing is another option available to businesses looking to save money in the short-term. By spreading out payments, they can acquire the equipment they want and avoid spending a large lump sum all at once. Leasing has always been an attractive option for many kinds of office equipment, especially printers and copiers, and it is even more beautiful in today’s economy.

If your business is trying to cut back on expenses, take a good look at Server rentals. With rentals, you can stick to your marketing plan, acquire new IT equipment, and still save significant amounts of money.