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You can change the way businesses by Digital transformation to build better products, services.

Modernized data centres play a critical role in driving that change. Turn to ServeRental to accelerate your digital transformation with Rental Servers and associated services designed to simplify your infrastructure management and turn your environment into an agile, high-performance business tool.

Data Center solutions to match your budget

All designed from the Dell EMC Ready Solutions portfolio, explore a broad suite of solutions built with Dell EMC Certified PowerEdge servers for Rental.

Deploy best configurations to optimize business applications such as SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL, Splunk and more.

Leverage existing licensing and the freedom of flexibility with bring your own license options for HCI solutions like Nutanix and VMware vSAN, configured on Rental Dell EMC PowerEdge certified servers.

Configurations are optimized for performance and expedited deployment from VMware vSAN Ready Nodes and Dell EMC XC Core specifications.

Dell EMC vSAN Ready Node

Hyperconverged building blocks for VMware vSAN environments and software-defined data centers.  Serverental offers Dell EMC PowerEdge Rental servers built to optimized vSAN Ready Node Configurations complete with Dell EMC support and management tools like OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter (OMIVV).

Use Certified vSAN Ready Nodes with Dell EMC server technology, priced to lower TCO and integrated by ServeRental for simplified and expedited vSAN deployments.

Certified Compatible vSAN Dell PowerEdge Rental Servers

Dell EMC PowerEdge servers from ServeRental are tested and certified to run VMWare vSAN. Dell EMC PowerEdge hardware has been purposely designed to support VMWare vSAN and has been validated, reducing deployment risks, improving storage efficiency, and allowing you to easily scale storage as needed. A VMWare Certified xByte Rep and/or Engineer can help you navigate the best options for your hyper-converged infrastructure.

3 x Dell PowerEdge R740xd

  • R740xd 24×2.5″
    • Intel Gold 6126 12C 2.6Ghz
    • 384GB (12x 32GB)
    • PERC HBA330 w/LP Bracket Controller
    • 3x 800GB 12Gbps SAS Write Intensive MLC 2.5″ SSD
    • 21x 1.2TB 10K 12Gbps SAS 2.5″ HDD 512n
    • Dell/Intel X710 10GbE SFP QP rNDC
    • Dell BOSS-S1 Adapter FH
    • 2x Dell 240GB M.2 TLC SATA MU 6Gbs 512e SSD 5100 Pro
    • 1100W Power Supply
    • iDRAC9 License Enterprise


4 x Dell PowerEdge R740xd

  • R740xd 24×2.5″
    • 2x Intel Gold 6126 12C 2.6Ghz
    • 256GB (8x 32GB) DDR4 2666 Reg
    • PERC HBA330 w/LP Bracket Controller
    • 2x 800GB 12Gbps SAS Write Intensive MLC 2.5″ SSD
    • 10x 3.84TB 12Gbps SAS Read Intensive TLC 2.5″ SSD
    • Dell/Intel X710 10GbE SFP QP rNDC
    • Dell BOSS-S1 Adapter FH
    • 2x Dell 240GB M.2 TLC SATA MU 6Gbs 512e SSD
    • 1100W Power Supply
    • iDRAC9 License Enterprise
    • Rails & Bezel Included


4 x Dell PowerEdge R640

  • R640 10×2.5″ 3 PCIe
    • 2x Intel Silver 4110 8C 2.1Ghz 11M DDR4-2400 85W
    • 128GB (4x 32GB) DDR4 2666 Reg
    • PERC HBA330 MiniMono Controller
    • 800GB 12Gbps SAS Write Intensive MLC 2.5″ SSD
    • 4x 1.92TB 12Gbps SAS Read Intensive TLC 2.5″ SSD
    • Dell/Intel X710 10GbE SFP QP rNDC
    • Dell BOSS-S1 Adapter FH
    • 2x Dell 240GB M.2 TLC SATA MU 6Gbs 512e SSD
    • 1100W Power Supply
    • iDRAC9 License Enterprise


Dell EMC PowerEdge XC Core + Nutanix

Certified PowerEdge Servers integrated into hyperconverged infrastructure optimized for virtualized workloads and applications run with Nutanix HCI software.

Pairing Dell EMC PowerEdge R740 XC 740XD-12, XC740xd-24, R640 XC640-10, XC5420-6, R940 XC940-24 Server with Nutanix provides one of the most robust, adaptable and scalable HCI solutions available. Dell EMC has over 12 years of experience integrating hardware and software and has designed the PowerEdge XC Series and XC Core systems specifically for use with Nutanix.

Dell EMC XC Core nodes are built on PowerEdge servers and configured for elite performance and streamlined deployment and scaling of Nutanix clusters. XC Core nodes provide the same pre-validated and optimized PowerEdge server architecture as the XC Series appliances with the added ability to purchase the licensing from the partner of your choice with the software support provided directly by Nutanix.

Dell EMC Ready Solutions

Take advantage of powerful digital systems using infrastructure optimized by validated configurations designed by Dell EMC and leading providers like Microsoft, SAP, Splunk, Openstack and more.

Reduce infrastructure CAPEX spend by deploying these leading solutions on Dell EMC PowerEdge Rental servers with ServeRental. We build, test and validate configurations via solution-based Dell EMC Ready Architecture. Combine rapid configuration and delivery time with Dell EMC ProDeploy Suite to drive expedited technology adoption.


Build, deploy and scale secure and reliable public and private clouds on the industry leading open source cloud platform and PowerEdge servers.


Gain instant access to information insights running on Dell EMC PowerEdge rental servers verified and optimized to power SAP HANA DB 1.00. 122 (HANA 1.0 SP12 Rev 122) and HANA DB 2.00. 052.0 (HANA 2.0 SPS05 Rev 52).


Dell EMC Rental  servers offer a strong foundation for a powerful data analytics platform.


Realize the benefits of centralized and simplified IT desktop management with VDI Solutions built on Dell EMC rental PowerEdge servers

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