Lenovo TD350 Server for sale

Brand Lenovo
Processor 1 or 2
Form factor 4U
Server filter Tower Server
OS support Microsoft Windows Server
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)
Part No 70DJA029IH
Processer Model Intel Xeon E5 (Octa Core) E5-2620 v4 (2.1 GHz, 20 MB)
Warranty 3 Yrs. 24×7 Support
Free Shipping 24 Hours Delivery


Lenovo TD350 Server is a versatile two-socket, 4U business –critical server with the combination of high performance and massive storage capacity.This server houses two latest w Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 processors and supports up to 245 TB of internal storage and up to 1 TB of 2400 MHz DDR4 memory.

Lenovo TD350 Server offers exceptional availability, reliability, and serviceability and high-efficiency build to improve the business environment and save operational costs.This high-performance server features up to 15 x 3.5-inch or up to 32 x 2.5-inch for accommodating higher performing SSDs or high capacity  HDDs.  Optional two enterprise-class M.2 solid-state drives (SSDs) are there as an internal option for secure booting.

Lenovo TD350 Server is ideal for distributed databases, business-critical workloads, virtualization, IT infrastructure, and point-of-sale. It can provide greater uptime provide safe running of cloud deployments and of business-critical applications.

Well matched  server  for all environments:

Lenovo TD350 is a perfect tower server for any environment due to its standard features and remote accessibility-if it is in retail and office environments or rack-mounted for ever changing data center use.Toll less removable cover makes it easy to install and upgrade the customer replaceable parts.

With applicable hosting,  Lenovo TD350  can support simple print/ file and can be expanded to support large database and more complex business analytics.

High-efficiency power supply options help in reducing operating expenses and boost continuous running of the system at 45 degrees Celsius without any server downtime.

Simplified Management  and  data protection:

A best-in-class enterprise management tool Lenovo XClarity in this server is available for automating discovery, tracking inventory, real-time monitoring,  alert handling and fault detection through out the life cycle of the server.

Lenovo XClarity Energy Manager is available for captures the real-time power and temperature data from the server and optimizing the server power consumption.

ThinkServer System Manager (TSM)   perform remote management and monitors server availability. TSM Premium an optional feature adds remote media and remote control.

ThinkServer Deployment Manager (TDM) offers to automate many of the tasks associated with server provisioning and a complete set of provisioning capabilities from a single interface.

This server supports Windows data protection feature TPM 2.0 or TPM 1.2 (Trusted Platform Module ) which enables cryptographic functions.

Intel Execute Disable Bit function prevents malicious buffer overflow attacks.

Intel Trusted Execution Technology offers security via hardware-based resistance to malicious software attacks.

Exceptional  Performance  and scalability:

Two  Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4,20 core processors maximize productivity and the concurrent execution of multithreaded applications.

Intel Turbo Boost Technology in this processor provides adaptive and intelligent system performance with energy efficiency.

Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, Intel Virtualization Technology, and Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2.0 increase the overall performance of the server.

Intel Virtualization Technology helps operating system vendors to use hardware for virtualization workloads in a  better way.

Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2.0  offers acceleration of enterprise-class workloads like enterprise resource planning, databases,  and others.

Support for memory speeds of up to 2400 MHz with two DIMMs per channel improves the performance of the system.

Scalable and Flexible internal storage configurations provide for up to 184 TB of storage capacity in a 2U rack form factor with increased data transfer rate by using 12 Gbps SAS internal storage connectivity.

Intel Integrated I/O Technology reduces I/O latency and boost overall system performance.

Environmental  friendly  and energy saving:

Lenovo TD350 is a quiet server and it has the acoustics at just 37 decibels.The easy setup feature makes it to delivers all the power of an enterprise rack server in the compact footprint of a tower immediately and quietly.Energy-efficient planar components of this server reduce the operational costs.

Energy Star 2.0 certified Lenovo TD350 features power supplies with 80 PLUS Platinum and Titanium certifications offer energy efficiency.

Low-voltage Intel Xeon processors consume less energy to fulfill the requirements of thermal and power constrained data centers and telecommunication environments.

Low-voltage Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4  processors consume less energy to provide high performance for the telecommunication environments and thermal or power constrained data centers.

Low- voltage DDR4 memory  DIMMs and  SSDs consume less energy and lower the o operational costs.

Lenovo XClarity Energy Manager offers latest data center management and power notification to reduce the cooling costs and heat output.


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