Use Case of Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers

  • Rack servers: ThinkSystem SR950 and SR650, SR630 and SR850
  • Dense server: ThinkSystem SD530
  • Blade server: ThinkSystem SN550

Business Processing OLTP:

The Lenovo ThinkSystem Servers database schema, data population, transactions, and implementation rules have been designed to be broadly representative of modern OLTP systems. The above high performance 4-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950 server and 2-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 Server Rental uses database of customers who generate transactions related to trades, account inquiries, and market research.


SAP Business Suite applications required highest performing server Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950 server rental for processing business transaction workflows in an SAP environment. The performance of system is important in creating the order, creating a delivery note for the order, displaying the order, changing the delivery, posting a goods issue, listing orders, and creating an invoice.

Big Data Analytics:

Big Data Analytics used by large global banks, brokerage houses, exchanges, hedge funds, proprietary trading shops, and other market participants.

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950 and SR650 server involved in data load, query throughput and query runtime in two different data volumes. These rental servers readily available in Mumbai designed to fully utilize the new capabilities of SAP HANA to process the benchmark workload of 3 phases

  1. Data load,
  2. Query throughput and
  3. Query runtime.

When customer running SAP HANA, Lenovo rack server readily available to test high performance specifically for your SAP HANA memory intensive database and analytics workloads.

Rental server available in other locations as Mumbai, Pune, Chennai for testing solutions that enable high-speed analytics on time series data measures challenging areas such as time-series analytics, risk simulations, and processing of very high-speed data.

The key metric is query response time to test high-speed analytics on time-series data tick-by-tick market data. Especially, if you are processing high speed financial services or securities, required server should process your high speed analytics and financial transactions.

Infrastructure Virtualization:

8-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950, 4-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950, 2-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 Servers delivered performance per watt and server performance per watt to all system components including the hardware, virtualization platform, and the virtualized guest operating system and application software.

You many need for virtualization performance of datacenter server consolidation, including enterprise class workloads. If you are virtualizing multiple workloads, this server gives high performance for memory intensive virtualized environments.

Server Side Java:

8-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950, 4-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950, 2-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650, 1-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 Servers to measure performance based on the latest Java application features.

Also, Java server performance, including JVM vendors, hardware developers, Java application developers, researchers and members of the academic community for the latest Java application response time and throughput.

General Computing:

8-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950, 4-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950, 2-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650, 1-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 CPU intensive servers for measuring and comparing compute intensive performance, stressing a system’s processor, memory subsystem and compiler.

The compute-intensive performance across the widest practical range of hardware using workloads developed from real user applications.
While running compute-intensive workloads, these Lenovo server is the highest performing server for how fast a server completes a task (speed) and/or how much a server can accomplish in a certain time (throughput or rate measurement).

The power and performance characteristics of server-class computer equipment is used to for power and performance among different servers available in the market and serves as a toolset for use in improving server efficiency.

The IT industry, computer manufacturers, and governments are increasingly concerned with the energy use of servers. This helps IT managers to consider power characteristics along with other selection criteria to increase the efficiency of data centers.

Technical Computing:

4-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950 is designed for measuring performance using applications based on the OpenMP 3.1 standard for shared-memory parallel processing. The scientific and engineering application codes, everything from computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to molecular modeling to image manipulation.

If you are running scientific or engineering applications, Scalable server is the highest performing server for these workloads.
2-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 is for evaluating MPI-parallel, floating point, compute intensive performance across a wide range of cluster and SMP hardware compare to high performance computer (HPC) systems. These 2-Socket Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 rental server helps measuring the CPUs, MPI library, communication interconnect, memory architecture, compilers and file system.