IBM Power 560 Express Server on Rental

The IBM 8234 Power 560 Express Model EMA with POWER6 processors is a 4- to 16-core SMP, rack-mounted server. The 3.6 GHz Power 560 uses the POWER6+ version of the POWER6 processor.

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IBM Power 560 Express Servers on Rentals

The POWER6 processors in this server are 64-bit features. The feature uses two processor modules, each with two cores. The processor card feature has 32 MB of L3 cache per module, 64 MB L3 per feature; 8 MB of L2 cache per module, 16 MB L2 per feature; and 12 DDR2 memory DIMM slots. The POWER6 processor is available at a frequency of 3.6 GHz. The Power 560 Express uses the POWER6 DDR2 memory architecture to provide greater bandwidth and capacity. This enables operating at a higher data rate for large memory configurations. Each POWER6 processor card can support up to 12 DDR2 DIMMs running at speeds up to 667 MHz. A full system can contain up to 384 GB of memory in a 16-core system. This model server is available in 4-, 8-, and 16-core configurations.

IBM Power 560 Express Specifications:

  • IBM POWER6 3.6 GHz processors 4-, 8-, and 16-core configurations
  • Up to 384 GB of DDR2 Memory.
  • Memory frequencies of up to 667 MHz
  • 4 MB per core, 8 MB per dual core, 16 MB per feature.
  • 32 MB per dual core, 64 MB per feature.
  • 4 GB , 146GB , 300GB , 450GBSix 3.5″ SAS drives.
  • Up to six SAS DASD drives per CEC enclosure (12 maximum in CEC enclosures)
  • Up to 5.4 TB of internal CEC enclosure disk storage
  • Modular rack mount design with one or two CEC enclosures
  • Seven I/O expansion slots per enclosure (14 maximum in CEC enclosures)
  • Dynamic logical partitions — up to 160 per system (optional)
  • Integrated Virtual Ethernet ports — select from 1 Gb and 10 Gb options
  • Can be ordered with the AIX, IBM i, or Linux operating systems, individually or in any combination.