IBM p5 575 (9118-575) Server on Rental, Upgrade or Repair

The IBM System p5 575 / IBM eServer p5 Model 575 delivers an 8-way, 1.9 GHz POWER5, 16-way, 1.5 GHz POWER5 , 8-way, 2.2 GHz POWER5+ or 16-way, 1.9 GHz POWER5+ high-bandwidth cluster node, ideal for manyhigh- performance computing applications.

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IBM p5 575 (9118-575) Servers on Rentals

The p5-575 is packaged in a super-dense 2U form factor, with up to 12 nodes installed in a 42U-tall, 24-inch rack. Multiple racks of p5-575 nodes can be combined to provide a broad range of powerful cluster solutions. Up to 128 p5-575 nodes can be clustered together for a total of 2048 processors.The symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) node uses state-of-the-art, 64-bit, copper-based, single-core and dual-core POWER5 and POWER5+ microprocessors in 8-way and 16-way configurations. Each microprocessor is supported by 36 MB of Level 3 cache and up to eight memory DIMMs with point-to-point memory to processor connections. Each 8-way includes 64 slots for memory DIMMs. Memory sizes on the POWER5 versions are offered from 1 GB up to 256 GB. Memory sizes on the POWER5+ versions are offered from 2 GB up to 256 GB. With the optional I/O Assembly with PCI-X and RIO-2, along with a system I/O drawer, up to twenty-four PCI-X cards and up to eighteen 15,000 rpm disk drives are available

IBM p5 575 (9118-575) Specifications:

  • 2U rack-mount
  • 2.2 GHz single-core IBM POWER5+ processors in 8-way configuration
  • 1.5 GHz dual-core IBM POWER5 processors in 16-way configuration
  • Up to 256 GB of memory
  • Up to 2,948.8 GB of internal disk storage
  • Up to 18 hot-swap disk bays, Up to 2,948.8 GB of internal disk storage
  • 36 MB of low-latency cache per CPU
  • 73.4 GB 10,000 RPM,146.8GB  Ultra320 SCSI Disk and 300 GB 15K RPM SCSI Disk Drive.
  • Up to one I/O Drawer containing 20 PCI-X slots and either 8 or 16 Hot-Swap SCSI-3
  • Battery backup option for the rack
  • Integrated service processor
  • Four 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports per node
  • Two HMC ports per node
  • Dual-ported Ultra3 SCSI controller
  • Battery backup option for the rack
  • DLPAR with optional Advanced POWER Virtualization
  • Dual power supply.