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IBM Lenovo Storwize V5000 Rental

Fully customizable IBM V5000 Storage

We customize V5000 Storage to match your budgetary needs and performance requirements. We don’t do ‘one size fits all.

Lower Rental Prices

Looking for V5000 Storage cost? We promise to keep server rental cost competitive, if you found servers cheaper elsewhere then let us know and we will match that price.

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IBM V5000 Storage Rental Specifications


  Storage expansion options

  • Up to 19 Storwize V5000 expansion
  • enclosures (maximum of 480 drives per system and 960 drives in two-way clustered systems)
  • Small form-factor enclosure: 24 x 2.5-inch drives
  • Large form-factor enclosure: 12 x 3.5-inch drives

   Total Capacity

  • Storwize V5000 system can be scaled up to 1.92 PB of raw storage capacity.
  • With external virtualization, the system can manage up to 32 PB in total.

   Host Connectivity

  • 1 Gb iSCSI, 12 Gb SAS and 8 or 16 Gb Fibre Channel, or 10 Gb iSCSI/Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)

   HDD Capacity

  • 2.5 inch SAS disk drives 15k rpm – 300GB, 600GB
  • 2.5 inch SAS disk drives 10k rpm – 600GB, 900GB, 1.2TB and 2 TB
  • 7.2k rpm nearline SAS – 1 TB and 2 TB
  • 3.5inch SAS disk drives 7.2k rpm – 2 TB, 3 TB, 4 TB, 6 TB, 8 TB
  • 3.5inch SAS disk drives 10k rpm – 900 GB, 1.2 TB, 1.8 TB
  • 3.5inch SAS disk drives 15k rpm – 300GB, 600GB
  • SSD Drives – 200GB, 400GB, 800GB and 1.6 TB

    Drive Discription

  • High-performance SAS SSDs
  • Performance-optimized enterprise SAS hard disk drives (HDDs), or capacity-optimized enterprise NL SAS HDDs;
  • Mixing and matching drive types and form factors within a single system

   Controller Cache

  • 32GB

Lenovo V5000 Storwize Overview

IBM Storwize V5000 storage has flexible software and hardware options that enables midsize organizations to meet the challenges of limited IT budgets and rapid data growth.

For providing the flexibility to start small and keep growing while using the existing storage investments the IBM Storwize V5000 has three models -IBM Storwize V5030, IBM Storwize V5020, and IBM Storwize V5010.

IBM Storwize V5000 with IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ software, provides better performance, greater flexibility, and virtualization capabilities.

IBM Real-time Compression™ and IBM Easy Tier® technology are the built-in functions of this storage system for providing outstanding levels of efficiency and greater performance.

With only five percent flash storage, the storwizeV5000 solutions can achieve up to 5:1 data compression ratios and offers up to three times increased performance.

Configuration tips: Using innovative IBM technology, a single Storwize V5000 system can scale up to 240 drives, and up to 480 drives with two-way clustered systems.

Workloads: Ideal for mobile and social applications, cloud services deployments and latest analytics technologies.