HP Integrity rx1600 Server on Rentals

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HP Integrity rx1600 Server on Rentals

The HP Integrity rx1600 server supports up to two 1.0 GHz LV Intel Itanium 2 processors with1.5 MB of on-chip L3 cache and as much as 16 GB of RAM. This means that it has extraordinary compute density. Fitting 41servers into a 2-meter rack delivers an astounding 20gigaFLOPS of potential power. The Integrity rx1600 server also leverages the same management features as the Integrity rx2600 server. It is ideal for compute-intensive server farms in the high-performance technical and scientific computing markets, and it is a perfect fit for the network edge, security, and software engineering fields. Features such as memory chip 3 spare, an optional management processor, and high-availability clustering support make HP Integrity rx1600 server a leader among high compute density servers

HP Integrity rx1600 Server Specifications:

  • 0 GHz Itanium 2Nos. Processor
  • 4GB RAM (Max. 16 GB) 4 DIMM Slots
  • 146/300GB SAS Disk Drive (2 Disk Bays)
  • DVD ROM Drive
  • Dual -port 10/100/1000Base-T LAN
  • 10/100Base-TX management port
  • VGA and 2 USB ports
  • 3 RS-232 serial port

HP Integrity rx1600 Server Features:

  • Three Operating System support: HP UX 11i version 2, Linux, and OpenVMS
  • Dual channel Ultra320 SCSI controller, 2 internal disks on one channel, one channel external disks only
  • External Ultra320 SCSI port
  • 10/100/1000Base TX LAN (auto speed sensing, RJ 45 connector)
  • 10/100Base TX LAN (auto speed sensing, wake on capability, RJ 45 connector)
  • General purpose RS 232 serial port
  • Three RS 232 serial ports linked to the management processor (multiplexed from a single DB 25 port)
  • Factory integration of CPUs, memory, disk drives, removable media, and I/O cards
  • Rack mountable into 19 inch cabinets