The Energy Efficiency strategy work across all server environment. Follow the steps below

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve cooling efficiency

If you are responsible for the high energy and operating costs of an aging data center facility, here are some helpful tips for reducing energy costs and transforming your data center into an energy efficient infrastructure.

1.Change from Older Servers to Modern Xeon Processor Servers

Server Rental offers different OEM platforms, that help you achieve your data center energy/performance requirements such as Dell PowerEdge, HP ProLiant, IBM, SUN SunFire , SUN Oracle Rack servers with (E3-1200 v3/v4) or dual socket performance (E5-2600 v3/v4).

  • New Processor Cores which vary based on application needs and a processor with multiple cores consumes the same amount of energy of older servers while using the same amount of space. So upgrading servers extends the life of existing server facilities and also saves on both capital and operational savings.
  • Xeon processors deliver enhanced energy efficiency and performance, real-time power awareness, rack density optimization, power load balancing and energy reduction at the server level.

2.Configuring/Optimizing Servers hardware

As server’s workload increases, its power consumption also increases. So for servers to operate more efficiently, it is important to re-evaluate the workload they are hosting.

  • Even idle servers consume power, so it makes sense to maximize the production of active servers without diminishing their performance. In general, server operating at capacity consumes less power than two comparable idle servers.
  • Use energy-efficient power supplies and fans. In general, larger fans and power supplies are more energy efficient.

3.Optimizing software Similar to hardware, software also play role with managing energy efficiency and power consumption

  • using optimizing compilers, from dynamic control of processor frequency to software threading for multicore platforms, energy-conserving software strategies continue to evolve quickly, providing cost saving and acceleration where and when your server environment needs it.
  • Through software optimization, it is easier to monitor and manage power consumption more effectively with individual systems and the data center as a whole.

4.Data Center Layout

How to optimize data center layout? Generally in data centers, the servers are arranged in a front-to-front and back-to-back setting when creating both hot and cold aisles.

  • The point to be noted is when hot and cold air mix, this can increase the cost of cooling.
  • Optimizing cooling efficiency involves using air flow and heat distribution simulations to identify inefficiencies.

By optimizing the layout of the data center, you can further reduce power consumption by limiting cooling costs.

5.Virtualization: Virtualization to increase utilization is associated with reducing energy costs. As energy prices rise and hardware lower costs, organizations are consolidating multiple servers into a single server

When servers operate more efficiently

  • We can reduce energy costs by 50%
  • Increasing energy efficiency has impact on power, cooling and spacing within your server environment.

Finally, a prominent amount in reduction of power consumption.

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