How to choose the right server for your business

Choosing the right server solution for growing business is a daunting task for every business owners. With many server types and vendors in the server market, it is confusing to select the right first server for a small business or office. Server rental here provides you with the best information that helps you to choose the perfect server for your data center.

When a company grows, ultimately the computing needs and elements like file sharing, data backup become a problem. For this choice, the best server is the ideal solution.

Things to consider before choosing a server:

  • Space to accommodate the server.
  • The actual function of the server such as file sharing, emails or for data backup.
  • Remote workforce connection with the server.
  • The budget for buying or renting the server.

Deciding on a cloud server or Physical server:

Businesses with restricted and expensive server rack space can go for a cloud server.T his option has better data security. A prediction by Cisco says that by 2020, 92 percent of workloads will be processed through cloud data centers. Physical dedicated servers also have their benefits like great control of the hardware applications can be customizable and 24/7 accessibility for reconfiguration based on the requirements. Select the server according to your primary needs.

 Server for file sharing:

Servers with a low-power CPU, multiple hot-swappable drive bays, configurable hardware/software RAID options is enough.

Server for authentication for a domain:

A virtualization-capable server with 64-bit CPU and 4 GB+ RAM is perfect for a domain controller (DC) in Windows Server.

Server for database services:

Use an identical backup ‘slave’ server as a read-only database and with fast writes rated hard drives.

Web server for hosting websites:

HTTP server (front end) and a database server (back end) working within one server or two servers networked together. This server should have hardware redundancy and high RAM capacity.

Mail server for email services:

Server with a low-power CPU, multiple hot-swappable drive bays, configurable hardware/software RAID options is perfect for a mail server.

An application server for running  shared software:

Servers with enterprise-grade storage bays (SAS hard drives) and ECC RAM is best.

Select the ideal physical server to fit within the available physical space:

Tower, rack, and blade are three main form factors for servers. The physical form factor determined by the server chassis.

Tower: It is like a desktop computer with the server components inside. They take more space but it is preferable for the first server because it has plenty of processing power and no need for mounting hardware.

Rackmount: Rack servers can be mounted on a rack. Businesses using several servers can make use of the rack mount servers and consolidate many servers in a small space.

Blade: Like rack servers, mounted on chassis but needs less space, cooling is challenging one and costlier than rack servers.

Choose the right Support and maintenance

Every server vendor will provide you with Server maintenance as a package deal. When selecting and buying servers ensure that the service level agreement from OEM  meets all your needs. Otherwise, you can register your server with reliable and efficient 3rd party IT Support company to get the onsite IT support.

Virtual servers:

  • Virtual servers are formed by dividing up a single server to behave like multiple servers by using the existing hardware. Each virtual servers acts as a single physical server and eliminates adding a more physical server.
  • While creating virtual server we should cautious about the hardware of processor and storage to cop up with the virtual servers.

Plan before choosing a server for your enterprise business, understand how your business fundamentally uses data and choose right server accordingly and avoid overpaying for server and bottlenecking your office.

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