cloud computing

The cloud computing is continuing to grow in popularity and large organizations are moving critical workloads into the cloud. Many companies would be decide to have a closer look at the true costs before they jump.


CIO Decision:

Recently, 62% organization CIOs are discovering that running certain services in the cloud have actually ended up being less cost effective and hence have moved them back onto an on-premise, in house environment. These CIO are mostly from technology, financial services, manufacturing, public sector and retail businesses.


SERVERental can help you decide what would be best for you.

If an in-house setup is your choice, we can significantly reduce the costs by involved in rental servers and storages immediately to expand data center infrastructure through our unparalleled network of local and international suppliers.


There are many benefits on running some workloads in the cloud. But it is discovered that on-premise setup is the better option because cost lesser than keeping data on local servers.


Cloud Computing Customers:

  • Public cloud is appealing to startups with uncertain models and the ability to scale. Start-up costs for companies, such as hardware, Microsoft licenses and engineers, can add thousands of dollars on First day can be avoided by leveraging cloud computing.


Cloud Computing To On-Premises:

  • Stock Exchange Company has begun to move some workloads back to private data centers. The company will continue to use a combination of public and private clouds to run given workloads based on costs and application demands.



  • Some customer has compliance requirements with workloads that run in its own hardware and firewalls, isolated to its environment can continue their private data center.
  • Some Customers to put workloads in 2015 and developed software for its customers can move to an enterprise data center, colocation facility or cloud computing.
  • Customer with 25,000 instances that run in an enterprise data center. When analyzing found that 45% of virtualized instances could run more economically if migrated from cloud which reduce costs by 43% annually.


Final Thoughts

One of the initial attractions of cloud computing was that it would mitigate large capital expenses and allow compute to be bought as smaller chunks of operational expenses. But there will always be circumstances where cloud computing will not save money in the long term.

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