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Many business opportunities created by the internet for micro business. In fact, with recent disrupted economy, has resulted in opportunities for rental expansion among micro businesses across India – aside with expansion comes new obstacles, and a failure to adapt IT policy based on cloud technology that could hold businesses back considerably.

Renting server is the logical next step for businesses operating that are looking to expand – and here is the guide you through this process.

What’s the big deal?

In short, renting server will serve the following purposes immediately:

  • Providing a robust central store for business-critical data
  • Enhancing the availability of data – and the time your business can spend online
  • Holding data more securely
  • Running applications like print, file, email, database, web and more
  • Ensuring all staff are working on the latest version of a document
  • Providing remote workers with access to company files  thus promoting flexible working practices
  • Centralizing and automating backup processes to safeguard against data loss
  • Facilitating system management and maintenance

Rental server benefits offered to micro businesses taking the server are clear, but knowing how to start the process itself can be tricky.

server rental cost not much more than a desktop PC which provides some good news for corporates worried about the complexity of such a change.

Regarding purchase a rental server to support expansion, the next step is to identify the right server for your business needs. Based on where your business is currently, and what you need from a server.

Ask the following questions:

  • How many applications do you run now? What sort of applications are they? Are they off-the-shelf like Microsoft Office, or more specialized?
  • How many users and servers do you have?
  • How much data do you need to store?
  • Do you need to have large files, for example, to support video material?

What space and power resources do you have?

Consider what your needs may be in one month, or three months down the line making a large IT purchase. On top of this, how much you are willing to spend.

Overall, the answers you give here will tell you a lot about the kind of server your business requires for rental.

And while business owners are constantly thinking about how they can get the most value for money, and this goes for IT rental purchases too. However, with server rental cost on your mind, don’t always opt for the cheapest product out there, as you could end up spending more money in no time at all.

It is best to decide on a server that can be upgraded, so it will easily grow along with you. As a rule of thumb, we estimate that, for every extra employee you have, you will need another 200GB of storage space – and more if there is heavy multimedia involved.

Different types of server come in the following categories:

Rack servers – This option is typically better for running multiple servers, making the equipment easier to access and cluster

Tower servers – A better choice if your business has just a couple of servers. This option is flexible and good for smaller offices

Blade servers – Essential for those firms where space is set at a premium. They have stripped down servers, but still powerful for saving space and power and cooling resource

When your decision has been made, you can take a closer look at issues such as

  • RAM (random access memory),
  • Processors (of which there are usually two, each with several cores),
  • RAID (redundant array of independent disks) support for storage servers,
  • External expendability, and several more. If the thought of this is complicated enough, speaking to us here +91 98866 99666
  • Operating System Rental server hiring process is consideration of the operating system.
  • Windows Server 2012 – more hardware options, scaled down for smaller businesses and relatively inexpensive compared to Mac
  • Mac OS Server – this is easy to set up, maintain and secure, allows sharing of files with Windows machines, but is fairly costly
  • Linux – this option is widely used in servers due to its reliability and strong security. It is fast, compatible and well worth considering.

Whichever operating system you decide on, it is always worth to take training provided by your vendor or reseller.

Finally, the selection of rental server process need not be complicated stuff. With the little initial research, you will find to make good decisions that way for expansion. The emerging internet trends mean now is a great time for micro businesses, and with the right IT equipment rental, things can only add your strength.

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