Difference between Web server and Application server

The server is the repository for data and programs are stored and can be accessed anytime with requests across the network. The kind of requests that needs to be processed decides the kind of server required for the business.

The two kinds of servers used today are Web Server and Application Server
Web Server and Application Server

The Web Servers are static websites which display information to viewers. But application servers differ in one aspect wherein they provide an opportunity for the users to interact with the web pages and get the required information from them.

The difference between the two servers is as below:

  Web Server Application Server
Purpose Web pages display static information Application Server pages are suitable for dynamic content means there is an opportunity for live interaction with request and get a response from the server
Server Features Applicable for web-only that is for servlet containers. It cannot be used for EJB (Enterprise Java Beans)


Scripting languages such as Perl, PHP, ASP,JSP can be used

Applicable for the web that is servlet containers along with EJB


Application-level services assistance for object pooling, transaction support, connection pooling, and messaging services is provided

Multithreading programming No support for multithreading Multithreading is supported
Makes use of HTML and HTTP GUI (graphical user interface), HTTP, RPC/RMI
Utilization of resources available Less utilization of the resources High utilization of the resources
Work Environment Web applications Enterprise applications

The web server functionality is quite simple, it just collects the request and passes it on to the server to handle it. The processed response for the request is displayed back to the user by a web server.

In case of an application server, there is opportunity to get the response in the page itself. The web page itself processes the request and gives response. There is no passing information for processing as in case of web server.

Based on the requirement of the website, you can find the combination of both application and web server. Let’s take a look at a few web server models in Dell and HP.

Dell’s PowerEdge Web Server Solutions are right for small and medium businesses. Based on your business need you can decide on the PowerEdge server.

In case your-house static web content and low traffic you can go for PowerEdge T110, and dell emc poweredge r730. The web server is quite secured and gives an option for setting up separate intranet for your company employees. Company employees can easily access the data.

If your web is getting more than 5000 hits per day that is medium traffic and website has dynamic content then PowerEdge R210 Suits the requirements. The web server allows you to host dynamic content wherein data is taken from your own database applications.

If your website is getting a good number of hits in a day and you need a webserver to handle high traffic with multi-tier web applications PowerEdge R310 , dell r730 would be apt. The PowerEdge R310 has good memory and capable to handle multiple requests at the same. The web server can host multiple web sites and can integrate 3-tier application servers for front end web serving.

HPE Proliant DL Servers are known to be secure industry servers in the world. They are agile in infrastructure and rack-optimized which makes them resilient, versatile and suitable for diverse workload handling.

If your need is for a compact server which is secure, resilient and handles variable workload efficiently then HPE Proliant DL20 Gen10 Server would suit the requirement.  It is in affordable price range and suits for transport, retail and hospitality environments. Being flexible in configuration and customization in space is an added benefit.

The HPE Proliant DL20 Gen10 Server is equipped with HPE InfoSight with cloud-based analytics tool capable of predicting and preventing problems before affecting the business. Multiple choices of power supplies is an added advantage. One more customer-friendly feature is the extension of warranty from one year to three years which is inclusive of parts, labor, and on-site support.

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