Dells PowerEdge FX2 rack server with PowerEdge FM120 4×2.5″ blades, PowerEdge FC430 4×1.8″ blades, and PowerEdge FC630 2×2.5 blades in chassis.

The real-time data analytics and big data initiatives is changing the dynamics of the IT data centers and workloads due to the rapid adoption of cloud solutions,

For Big Data and Analytics (BDA) some businesses have developed a vision and are setting up BDA strategies to implement solutions and build up internal infrastructure capabilities. Customers are increasingly looking for highly virtualized data centers which are capable enough to manage the ever-evolving enterprises applications and business workloads.

To enable customers of all sizes to realize the peak performance, maximize operational efficiency and to implement future-ready IT, Dell have recently announced the key upgrades to the PowerEdge server portfolio, which was designed to optimized the performance for big data, real-time analytics and the dense virtualization deployments.

Scalability to maximize performance

The PowerEdge 13th generation servers which have been upgraded includes Dell PowerEdge R930 and R830 rack servers and the updated PowerEdge FX2 and PowerEdge M1000e converged platforms with the PowerEdge FC830 and the PowerEdge M830 blade servers.

With the leverage of the new Intel Xeon processor E7-8800 / 4800 V4 and the E5-4600 V4 product family, customers are able to quickly deploy the performance intensive applications, can easily scale up and have better-managed infrastructure as well as the mission-critical workload delivery.

Here are some details about the new editions to Dell’s PowerEdge 13th generation family:

PowerEdge R930 – This is specifically designed for the enterprise, it has all the power and the capacity which is required to meet business needs. The PowerEdge R930 supports a max of 24 HDDs and max of 8 front hot-plug PCIe NVMe SSDs, these are incredibly flexible and are designed for high-performance workloads. In addition to all this the R930 with up to Intel Xeon E7-8890 V4 processors have recently set three new SAP HANA world-record benchmarks.

PowerEdge R830 – This is a foundational four-socket rack server which is designed for database applications, scale-out virtualisation and VDI environments. The four-socket extension of the Intel Xeon processor E5-4600 v4 family will give customers more options and greater flexibility for scaling their company’s infrastructure as well as growing their businesses in a hardware-enhanced security environment.

Dell’s 4-socket server portfolio is engineered to provide customers with platform choices to best support what their data centres density, scalability, manageability and flexibility needs are. In addition to the rack servers; PowerEdge R930 and R830, Dell have also updated its PowerEdge FX2 and PowerEdge M1000e converged platforms with the PowerEdge FC830 and the PowerEdge M830 blade servers which features the Intel Xeon processor E5-4600 v4 family.

PowerEdge FC830 – This is a full-width, 4-socket compute node for the PowerEdge FX architecture which helps companies to quickly configure the complete workloads by using modular building blocks of IT resources. The converged platform can provide twice the 4-socket density for any solution in the industry, which makes it ideal for Oracle RAC or dense four-socket deployments.

PowerEdge M830 – This is a full-height, 4-socket blade server which offers maximized data centre consolidation by delivering vast amounts of compute.

The changes in the server industry are accelerating due to being driven by cloud, big data trends mobile and Social. In so many ways, IT services are becoming universal in all parts of the business anywhere from business development to the decision strategy to the businesses client services.

A critical success factor for all companies will be for their IT businesses to deploy the systems into their environment which can accelerate applications and improve operational efficiency.

Dell’s PowerEdge servers are the foundation of a comprehensive enterprise systems portfolio which includes storage, networking, management, software and services. With the broad range of enterprise product offerings, Dell will be able to help enterprises more rapidly respond to business demands, also to improve efficiency and to strengthen their IT services.

Through the development of unique technologies and exclusive capabilities, Dell has managed to build an end-to-end selection of enterprise solutions which can deliver a scalable and future-ready IT infrastructure which is based on standardized technologies. The recent advancements have placed PowerEdge 13th generation 4-socket servers at the leading edge of choice for IT business who needs compute solutions today and in the years to come.