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Searching for Dell server Price list on the web?? Serverental shows the estimating rundown of all the Dell R230, R430, R530, R630, R730, R830, R930, R440, R540, R640, R740, R840, R940 Rack Servers and all other Dell server models alongside arrangement subtleties for simple examination before buy. For client accommodation and to assemble trust we offer value rundown of all accessible dell rack, cutting edge server models, along these lines limiting exorbitant convictions of numerous customers. Referenced dell rack server value list, dell edge server value list incorporates all Dell PowerEdge server model subtleties, determinations list, deliverable and extras, and last server estimating alongside accessible offers, giving an unmistakable picture to the client. We even give limits and offers on costs of the Latest Servers with an ensured 3 years on location guarantee and moment sending in less time.

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Dell offers a wide scope of servers with unmistakable DDR3, DDR4 ECC memory, Intel xeon 4 core to 22 center processors, SAS/SATA/SSD HDD determinations and grouped plan highlights. Dell servers estimating for each model varies as indicated by the enabled highlights, so here we limited every one of the perspectives in a solitary value list referenced according to arrangement of dell rack server, dell cutting edge server model. Dell value list servers as indicated by the design, gives an open plan to clients about what they get at the referenced server cost with no suspicions.

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The what-you-see-is-the thing that you-get approach is trailed by Dell server value rundown to set up a straightforward benchmark with customers. No additional evaluating is added to genuine value list accessible from Dell Company. Dell Server Models with value list offers a straightforward value list and no frightful amazements or extra covered up added expenses to real costs. Straightforwardness consistently spares time and fabricate client trust.

Dell PowerEdge Servers Price List:

Model Name Specifications Price
Dell PowerEdge T20 Dell PowerEdge T20 Mini Tower Server, Intel® Xeon® E3-1225 v3 (3.2GHz/8MB/84W),4 GB memory, 4 DIMMS, (3.5 inch) SATA, 1X1TB SATA (3.5 inch) 7.2k RPM,Onboard DVD Writer, 1X inbuilt (290W)Power Supply, 3 Yr. Onsite warranty,NBD Rs. 39,999
Dell PowerEdge T30 Dell Power Edge Tower Model T30 / Intel® Xeon® E3-1225 v5 (3.3GHz/4c/8MB/80W) / RAM 4 DIMMS / 1X 8GB Memory / HDD upto 4 drives (3.5 inch) SATA / 1 X 1TB SATA (3.5 inch) 7.2k RPM / RAID Onboard / optical DVD Writer / RPS 1X inbuilt (290W)/3 Years. Onsite NBD. Rs.35,599
Dell PowerEdge R220 Dell PowerEdge R220 Rack Server
Intel® Xeon®E3-1220 v3 (3.1GHz, 8MB/80w)/ 1X8GB Memory/4 DIMMS/Upto 2 drives (3.5inch) SATA1X500GBSATA (3.5inch) 7.2k/Onboard DVD Writer/ 1Xinbuilt(250W) Power Supply/ 3 Yr. Onsite Warranty NBD
Rs. 91,810
Dell PowerEdge R230 Dell PowerEdge R230 1 U Rack server with Intel® Xeon®E3-1220 v5 (3.0GHz, 8MB/80W)/4 DIMMS/1X8GB Memory /upto 4 drives(3.5 inch) SATA 1X1TBSATA (3.5inch) 7.2k RPM/ Onboard DVD Writer/ 1X inbuilt(250W) Power Supply/ 3 Yr. Onsite Warranty Rs. 75,999
Dell PowerEdge T430 Dell PowerEdge T430 Tower Server With, Intel® Xeon® E5-2609v3 (1.9GHz/6-core/15MB/85W)/ Max Memory 12 DIMMS/ 1X8GB DDR4 Memory/ upto 8 Drives (3.5inch) Hot Plug SATA 1X1TB SATA (3.5 inch) 7.2K RPM/ Inbuilt RAID 0,1,5
(H330)/ DVD Writer/ 1X (495W) Power Supply/ 3 Yrs 24×7 4Hr Onsite Support Warranty
Rs. 159,689
Dell PowerEdge R430 Dell PowerEdge R430 Tower Server With Intel® Xeon® E52620v3 (2.4GHz/ 6-core/15MB/85W/) 12 DIMM/ 1X8 GB DDR4/pto 4 Drives (3.5inch) Hot Plug Drive/1X300GB SAS (2.5 inch with 3.5 inch carrier) 10K RPM/ RAID 0,1,5 (H730/ DVD Writer/ 1Xinbuilt (550W)/ 3 Yrs. ProSupport & Mission Critical / 24×7 4Hr Onsite Warranty Rs. 203,096
Dell PowerEdge R530 Dell PowerEdge R530 Intel® Xeon® E52609v3 (1.9GHz/ 6-core/15MB/85W) Processor/ 12 DIMMS 1X16 GB DDR4 8LFF (3.5inch) Hot Plug SAS/ SATA 1X300GB SAS (2.5 inch with 3.5 inch carrier) 10K RPM/ RAID 0,1,5 (H730) DVD Writer X inbuilt (750W) Rs. 207,707
Dell PowerEdge R530 Dell PowerEdge R530 2u Rack Server With Intel® Xeon® E52640v3 (1.9GHz/ 6-core/ 15MB/85W)/ 12 DIMMS/ 1X16 GB DDR4 RAM/ 8LFF (3.5inch) Hot Plug SAS/ SATA, 1X300GB SAS (2.5 inch with 3.5 inch carrier) 10K RPM/ RAID 0,1,5 (H730)/ DVD Writer/ 1X inbuilt (750W) Rs. 323,035
Dell PowerEdge R440 Dell PowerEdge R440 with Intel Xeon Bronze 3106 Processor, 8-Core/ 16 GB Memory / 600GB Hard Drive / 16 DDR4 DIMMS Slots, Supports up to 1TB Maximum/ upto 8 x2.5″ with up to 4 NVMe, SAS/SATA Hard Drive max 56TB / 550W Single Power Supply Rs. 1,44,499/-
Dell PowerEdge R540 Dell PowerEdge R540 with Intel Xeon Bronze 3106 Processor, 8-Core/ 16 GB Memory / 600GB Hard Drive / 16 DDR4 DIMM slots, Supports up to 1TB Maximum / Up to 8x 3.5” SAS/SATA Hard Drive max 168TB / 495W Single Power Supply Rs. 1,58,899/-
Dell PowerEdge R640 Dell PowerEdge R640: Intel® Xeon® Silver 4108 Processor,8 Core / 32 GB Memory / 1 TB HDD / 24 DDR4 DIMM Slots, Supports up to 3TB Maximum / Up to 10 x 2.5” with up to 8 NVMe, SAS/SATA/SSD/NVMe, max 58TB / Dual Power Supply Rs. 2,09,699/-
Dell PowerEdge R740 Dell PowerEdge R740: Intel® Xeon® Silver 4108 Processor,8 Core / 32 GB Memory / 1 TB HDD / 24 DIMM Slots, Supports up to 3TB Maximum / Up to 16 x 2.5” SAS/SATA (HDD/SSD) Drive Bays / Dual Power Supply Rs. 2,45,699/-

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