Dell EMC with AMD EPYC™ Processors in PowerEdge servers making it World’s Best server

In this second quarter of 2017, Dell claims to have sold more Dell EMC PowerEdge servers in the market compared to other vendors. This is a remarkable milestone for Dell as they have made PowerEdge servers a vital part of the digital transformation today.

In the month of May, Dell EMC announced the introduction of PowerEdge servers for the next generation. Now they are going ahead by working with AMD with the release of new EPYC™ processor which is designed to meet the needs of enterprise space.


Business Architecture Scalability

Digital transformation in cloud, mobility, IoT, virtualization has made us face challenges that were different from the ones we came across five years ago. For future data center investment, you need server architecture with ability to support workloads suitable for today and tomorrow with room to scale up based on demand. The new Dell EMC PowerEdge servers offer flexible configurations to support the increase in workloads. The high PCIe lane count of the new AMD EPYC and the capacity to support up to 24 NVMe devices from a single processor will offer opportunity for server innovation in software-defined storage and big data/data analytics at an outstanding TCO.

Automation Intelligence

As our IT workspace is getting more complication, automation is becoming a need rather than a luxury. As per the CIO report, skill gaps are widely visible in employees due to a steep learning curve. The need by the industry is to spend less time getting hardware in order and spend maximum productive time on innovative programs that generate revenue. Dell aims to develop “self-driving “server that offers automated deployment, updating, monitoring, and maintenance. This entire deployment to maintenance cycle is entirely taken over by the server which is termed as “intelligent automation”. The new PowerEdge servers are capable enough to know how they need to be configured, when things go wrong and how to proactively get support needed during such circumstances. The servers are capable enough to protect the entire system from any kind of threat that might occur, be vigilant and detect any potential security threats and get the server back to working mode in no time.

Security Integration

Customer data security is an of high importance now as the threats are higher. The server faces threats not only from outside but also from the malware that can spread from within the network. The security needs to be built directly on the hardware to set the foundation for the secured trusted working environment. At Dell, security is integrated into every phase of the server lifecycle. The security features are patented and take care of security from the building to configuration, operation up to decommissioning. AMD EPYC integrates security in PowerEdge servers with Boot-safe and Run-Safe technologies for the highest level of encryption in virtualized and cloud work environments.

Dell EMC is taking the stride with AMD’s re-entry into enterprise space by making EPYC processor a part of Dell PowerEdge server technology. The technology is available in the market from the second half of 2017.