Changing the definition of Servers: A glimpse from India

Data is the new Oil’ and India is currently one of the largest consumers of data in the world, which also seeks security and protection of data.

Internet and Smartphones have got all our essential needs at our fingertips. With essential services available online has given rise to the need for the processing of structured and unstructured data at the centralized location. One critical aspect here is the rising concern over the security of the individual data through data centers. To improve productivity of the data centers the infrastructure resources within the centers are upgraded. The infrastructure resources include devices, base station, on-premise server and switches which are all responsible for increasing the speed.

Speed is the synonym of performance today. As we know, WeChat users send around 40 million messages in a day, YouTube users upload anything more than 400 hours of video per minute and Walmart processes 2.5 petabytes of data in an hour.

We are in the middle of the digital revolution that is only going to get bigger with every passing day. It is affirmed by Rajkumar Chandrasekar, engineering group director, Cadence Systems India Pvt Ltd said during his address to the audience at Keysight World 2019 event “We require high-speed interfaces that drive the Internet. Intelligent algorithms are also required to differentiate between data which is of current use and that which is of long-term use,”

All the data will not be of use at all times, so data that is not used immediately needs to be stored at the backend of the system. So, the need arises for higher connectivity, speed, and systems that actually process the data when needed and keep it secured as well.

The protection of data against data theft has led to a rise in keeping infrastructure robust and secured. “Our company has created solutions for testing the various stages of the data center infrastructure. This goes right from the components to the server stage. As well as Internet infrastructure, right from components to the server,” added Brig Asay, director of strategic planning, Internet Infrastructure Group, Keysight Technologies.

Infrastructure needs to gear up to a fast pace to handle loads of data and lead the traffic smoothly without breakdowns is a challenge today. Infrastructure challenges today are around the bandwidth, power, cost, and size. The server is not high on the priority list with respect to its other counterparts in infrastructure resources as it relies on other functioning parts of the system.

A deep look is required to improve server performance. To set the Dell server India on a high performance we need to get the solutions to increase the bandwidth, also for the width of the fiber deployment.

Cognitive technologies have been found to ease the flow of data into the server. The analytics, AI, video transcoding and genomics will help to push the data into the server. ML will take over the server communication between the CPU and the server. Machine learning and big data have changed the landscape of how the data is being processed. About 90 percent of the compute happens off CPU limits. It means that the interconnecting parts should be fast enough to handle the speed and the memory utilization needs to be improved,” said Asay.

To cater to high speeds, technologies like CXL (compute express link) have come into existence to tackle bandwidth issues.

“The servers design is crucial for achieving economy of scale. A pool of tech building blocks is required in order to solve challenges that crop up in the various segments of the infrastructure,” highlighted Chandrasekar.

The demarcation of software and hardware engineers is clearly diminishing. The software industry professionals need to understand the requirements for speed, productivity, and security of data. The need is for everyone to understand the wired and unwired world of computer infrastructure and architecture. This includes the one in software as well as the existing physical infrastructure.

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